About IDC

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Our vision is that all companies, organizations, governments and individuals know when it is appropriate to hire an interior design professional for a project.

There is often crossover in the scope of work for interior designers, architects and interior decorators; however, each profession is distinct. We acknowledge it can sometimes be challenging to determine which is the correct professional to lead a project. Our goal is to offer as much information and guidance as we can to help you make the right decision.

We are always looking for opportunities to educate the consumer and business owner about the role of the interior designer. We do this through:

In addition, it is our role as an association to ensure that our members' right to practice is protected. Our senior staff are in constant communications with government officials at all levels to ensure when new legislation is being considered, or existing legislation is being revised, the proposed changes reflect the best interest of our profession.

Typical examples of legislative issues we've become involved with include: taxation, building, accessibility, and fire code, copyright law, and Construction Lien Act.

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